Clayton - 2017

Clayton - a program involving Clayton Appalachia and Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County

Clayton Appalachia, a division of Clayton Homes, will be donating a new modular home each Summer beginning this year. The homes will be built on site at Anderson County Career and Technology Center (ACCTC) by students. The materials and expertise will be provided by Clayton Appalachia. Once the home is complete, at the end of the school year, Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County will transport and set up the new home for a qualified Habitat Partner Family.

For information on becoming a Habitat Partner Family, please contact Donna Mosby (donna@hfhac.org) or call the Habitat office at 865-482-7713. If you would like to donate to this new program, please contact Charlotte Bowers (charlotte@hfhac.org) or call the office.

These photos are intended to illustrate the first of Clayton's planned events of this nature. It was held at the Anderson County High School on Thursday May 18, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.

ACCTC Principal Robbie Harrell giving an introduction

Phil Pyke - the instructor for the students who built the house

Phil Pyke introducing the students who helped build the house

Ronny Robertson addressing the crowd. He is a Regional Vice President for Clayton Homes and he started the partnership with Clayton Homes and ACCTC

Charlotte Bowers from Habitat explaining Habitat's part of the program

Local TV Channel 8 WVLT was there

From left to right:
Casey Daugherty (Clayton Training Coordinator),
Charlotte Bowers (Habitat for Humanity),
Matt Belcher (Clayton Plant GM),
Ronny Robertson (Regional VP Clayton Homes),
Melisa Charles (Chamber of Commerce)

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