Habitat's Board of Directors:

President: Chip Dooley
Vice President: Jim Hardy
Secretary: Jason Utley
Treasurer: Jennifer Walker

Patricia Fain
John Houtari
Gary Love
Jackie Rogers
Charlotte Textor
Amanda Walters
Ann Weaver
Gerald Boyd - Ex-officio

Construction Committee - This committee oversees all projects. They review ongoing building costs and recommend subcontractors.

Family Selection Committee - This committee reviews homeowner and home repair applications. They conduct home visits and recommend partner families to the Board of Directors for acceptance into our home ownership program.

Family Support Committee - This committee works with our current and future families through mentoring and classes. They set up and oversee classes such as budgeting and home repair.

ReStore Committee - This committee reviews ReStore's productivity and recommends ways to improve the store. They also set store policies for review by the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee - This committee reviews all financial information of the affiliate. They approve, or recommend to the Board of Directors for review, any financial or business transactions that require this additional step.

Fund Development Committee - This committee reviews, approves and plans all fundraising endeavors carried out by the affiliate.

If you would like to serve Habitat,
call Charlotte Bowers at 865 482 7713
or email her for more information.