About Home Ownership

Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County
builds simple, decent, and affordable houses. Generally, a two-bedroom house is 975 square feet, a three-bedroom house is 1,056 square feet, a four-bedroom house is 1,200 square feet and a five-bedroom house is 1,300 square feet.

The total cost to place a family into a Habitat house is roughly $87,000. This includes land, materials, supervision, and closing costs. With the financial support and volunteer labor from our community, we are able to keep costs as low as possible for our home buyers.

The following information provides a general outline of Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County’s application process. Read this information to get started on your journey toward homeownership.

1) Please read our criteria regarding Qualifying Guidelines
(see those requirements here)

Do I Qualify?

Potential homeowners must be an Anderson County resident for a minimum of 1 year and be first time homeowners. Applications are considered based on level of need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner with Habitat.

Need for adequate housing - Current housing is substandard (examples: inadequate heating, leaky roof, structural problems, pests infested, overcrowding, sewer problems, bad wiring, receive subsidy for housing, cost burden rent. etc.)

Ability to pay - Meet HUD family income guidelines and have steady income, have minimum debt in relationship to your income. have no judgment claims against you. Must be capable to making consistent monthly mortgage payments that include taxes and insurance.

Willingness to partner – Contribute 300 to 400 “sweat equity” hours by volunteering with Habitat, working on the construction of your own home and others in the program, work in the Habitat ReStore and other projects, events and activities sponsored by Habitat. Participate in Homeownership classes, make a $1,200 down payment deposit, and take responsibility for your mortgage and maintenance of your home.

2) Review the other information you will need.
(see that other information here)

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For assistance or other questions, Email us or contact us at 865-482-7713.

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The Morgan groundbreaking

Tina Morgan and family




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Rafters; this is from the back yard

From the front; looking more and more like a home !!

Now with siding and windows; March 2017

CLOSED !     :-)     July 2017

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