Planned Giving

Building a Lasting Legacy

When you think of planned giving, you may think you have to win the lottery or be wealthy to make a large gift to Habitat. But that’s not the case. In fact, planned giving is simple technique that can enable anyone to increase the impact of their support for Habitat and receive tax benefits at the same time.

On some level, all gifts are planned. Most of us take some time to carefully think about what we want to support, how much we can afford to contribute, and how our money will be used. That’s planning! By thinking about the possibility of helping Habitat with its mission to provide simple, decent homes for God’s people in need now, you will be able to enjoy knowing that your planning will assure that our mission will continue to be met for years to come.

Some of the most popular methods of planned giving are outlined in this section. Please consider this information a starting point. The effective planned gifts are made in coordination with an estate plan. To provide the most benefit to Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County, please consult with an attorney and tax advisor prior to making any planned gifts.

Traditional Legacy Vehicles
Some of the more popular planned giving vehicles include gifts of cash, life insurance, securities, bank accounts, and retirement plan assets.
Click here to learn more about traditional vehicles.

Real Estate
A gift of real estate offers you the opportunity to make a significant charitable contribution with a tax-friendly outcome. There are several ways to donate real estate depending on your situation. Click here to learn more about real estate giving.

Gifts That Give Back to You
There are several ways you can make a significant future gift to us while retaining, or in many cases increasing, the income you receive from the asset. Click here to learn more about those gifts.